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Über Xylem Analytics

Wir sind XYLEM Analytics

Xylem comprises three business units - Water Solutions, Analytics and Applied Water Systems. These three units are interconnected, anticipating and reflecting evolving needs and sharing their applications expertise to cover every stage of the water cycle.

Here, we present our analytical offering for the food & beverage industry. Xylem Analytics is a leading manufacturer of field, portable, online and laboratory analytical instrumentation. The company is committed to providing its expertise to enable its customers to succeed. With extensive experience of supplying total solutions for regulated environments, Xylem Analytics’ quality products help customers comply with confidence. A complete portfolio enables Xylem Analytics to address its customers’ operating and monitoring needs. Xylem Analytics’ products are sold under a range of globally recognized brands. By bringing them into the Xylem stable, the company provides increased focus on the brands and long-term support that customers can rely on. Our expertise stretches throughout the food & beverage cycle, right across the globe. Our products are supplied through a carefully selected and fully trained network of distributors managed by regional offices to ensure customer satisfaction at every point before, during and after a product or service has been supplied. Quality of service and sustainability isparamount, no matter how large or small the requirement. From a simple hand held meter to a fully integrated process system, our aim is to serve the customer as best we can, this time, the next time and every time.

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Bellingham & Stanley

For almost a century, Bellingham + Stanley has been at the
forefront of instrument design and technology and today is
regarded by many international brands as the leader in the field of
refractometry and polarimetry.
• Refractometers
• Polarimeters
• Certified Reference Materials


ebro has been servicing the scientific world with innovative

measurement solutions for over forty years and today, customer
feedback still plays an important role within the business model.
To ebro, customer care not only means supporting existing product
and software; it also means being able to provide custom solutions
within their field of excellence too!
• Precision thermometers
• Food Safety test kits
• Frying oil monitors
• Humidity, vacuum & temperature dataloggers
• Portable digital refractometers

OI Analytical

Since 1963 OI Analytical has been providing innovative products
used for chemical analysis and is a key supplier of sample
preparation and turn-key analytical solutions for testing food
products and water for chemical contaminants.
Beverage & water analyses include:
• Total Organic Carbon (TOC) & cyanide
• Organophosphorus & organochlorine pesticides
• Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Sample preparation for food and fruit analyses include:
• Antibiotics & mycotoxins
• Organophosphorus pesticides
• Organochlorine pesticides


Founded in 1948 and formerly known as Yellow Springs Instrument

Company, YSI develops and manufactures scientific instruments,
sensors and systems that serve a variety of scientific markets
worldwide. The latest version of the 2900 Biochemical Analyzer
measures lactate and ethanol as an indicator of spoilage in ketchup,
salsa and other tomato products in less than 60-seconds. The same
technique can be used for fruit processing.
• Biochemical analysis
• pH & ORP sensors