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28.08.2012: Donation for the academic high school Rabanus Maurus Mainz By:FRA

The installation of the pH meter: f.l.t.r. Dr. Anja Roesner (Teacher of biology and chemical class at RaMa), Dr. Joern Schattenberg (Round Table 66 and form. pupil of the RaMa), Guenter Kipper (Vize chairman Round Table 66) and Matthias Fragata (SI Analytics)
SI Analytics donates a ProLab 1000 pH meter together with a IoLine electrode to the academic high school Rabanus Maurus in Mainz at the beginning of the school year

The traditinally Rabanus Maurus Gymnasium in Mainz (RaMa), which had turned 450. past year, is, besides its focus on classical languages, very active in natural sciences. This summer a young member of one of its chemical classes won the bronze medal at the international chemistry olympics in Washington DC/USA.
At the beginning of the new school year SI Analytics donated, with support of the Service-Club „Round Table 66 Mainz“, a ProLab 1000 pH meter with a IoLine electrode and handed it to Dr. Anja Roesner on behalf of the whole natural sciences dept. The teacher of 8th to 12th grade chemistry and biology classes at the RaMa ccodinates projects as attending at the chemistry or biology olympics, was very pleased about the useful donation. This meter won't be used for projects and school competitions only but also for classes from 8th grade upwards, final papers, where accuracy of the meter is absolutely necessary. „Until now, we did not have a comparable meter. We will also use this meter for pH measurement of cell cultures and nutrient solutions as well as at experimentla series in physics“, said Dr. Roesner.
Achim Heine, deputy principal at the RaMa, was really greatful and thanked SI Analytics and Round Table 66 in the name of the whole school. He was pleased to now have a professional meter, which will be supporting all departments of natural sciences at the Rabanus Maurus school.
SI Analytics supports „sportive“ engagements, such as the participation at the chemistry olympic games and wants to encourage young people with interest in chemistry.

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