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08.05.2009: SCHOTT® Instruments ATEX sensors in the SI Analytics range

With immediate effect you can select from a wide range of process sensors that comply with ATEX Directive 94/9/EU. Approval of these ATEX sensors has been carried out by the PTB in Braunschweig, Germany, and documented by type approval certificate PTB 08ATEX2021. The following standards have been applied: EN 1127-1 :2007; EN 60079-0 :2006; EN 60079-11 :2007; EN 60079-26 :2007. The ATEX identifier is:

II 1/2G Ga/ Gb Ex ia IIC T3/ T4/ T6.

This means that SCHOTT® Instruments ATEX sensors are approved as group II instruments for Zone 0 and Zone 1 with gaseous atmospheres. According to protection type “ia” they are classified as intrinsically safe and can be used in the usual temperature classes. In addition, they comply with the connection class requirements according to the NAMUR recommendation, pHISCO. The quality assurance system of SI Analytics GmbH has been additionally audited to DIN EN 13980 by TÜV Süd with respect to the production of ATEX sensors and the corresponding certificate has been issued.

The extensive range of sensors contains pH electrodes with and without temperature sensors (Pt 100, Pt 1000 and NTC 30 kΩ) up to purely glass electrodes, reference electrodes and resistance thermometers. The pH electrodes with built-in temperature sensor are available with both SMEK and VP plug head systems. All ATEX sensors are high-pressure (HD) certified and can therefore be used throughout the whole of the particular temperature range up to a pressure of 12 bar. The new ATEX sensors replace the previous versions, whose order numbers are retained. This means that you will receive our sensors with ATEX approval at the same price as the previous one.

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