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31.05.2007: ProLab 3000 and ProLab 4000 - the first pH-Meters with integrated PC

SCHOTT Instruments introduces the new laboratory measuring instruments ProLab 3000 (2-channel pH and ISE measuring) and ProLab 4000
(additional LF measuring). The adaptable display comprising the Windows comparable menu structure and the mouse handling are the outstanding convenient features.

Operate the new ProLabs like a PC. You have a 300 MHz processor and a storage volume of 32 MB flash and 32 MB RAM. On a brilliant QVGA colour graphic display (320 x 240 pixels) with CFL lighting the operation is handled via a Windows comparable menu structure. Operate by using the instrument keys or optionally use the mouse, which is part of the scope of delivery. Input of texts and numbers i.e. setting a file name can be done via the numeric key pad on either of the ProLabs or using an external keyboard. Mouse and keyboard can be operated at the same time as the USB host interfaces can be extended by a hub. Also memory stick, USB hard disks, printer and barcode readers can be connected without any additional configuration. Besides the USB host both instruments also feature a USB slave and a RS232 interface.

The display of all measuring values can be configured in the same manner as on a PC. ProLab 4000 for example allows the display of galvanically isolated mV channels (for pH, Redox or ISE) and the LF measurement at the same time. It is of course possible to display just one single measuring channel. The integrated recorder (with scalable axes and other manifold configurations) can also display the gradient of the measuring values directly versus time.

The automatic electrode and user recognition known with former Lab- and ProLab instruments is also installed in the ProLab 3000 and ProLab 4000. When operating ID electrodes their individual data is used for the calculation of the measurement values, regardless of using one electrode on several instruments or several electrodes on one instrument. The automatic user recognition via transponder pendant enables access control and allocation of measurement values, calibrations etc. for each user. The automatic user recognition via the transponder key ring pendant enables the allocation of measuring values, calibrations etc. towards a certain user, besides servicing as access control. Hence it is automatically documented which user did what at a certain time. The security given through the access control is furthermore increased by the password protection.

ProLab 3000 and 4000 also comprise the other proven features within the Lab family. For example the CalClock (parallel display of sensor evaluation and calibration intervals), Stability Control (rating of measurement values regarding stability) or the choice of 22 pre-set buffers. The calibration is now improved by the VariCal, enabling the usage of further buffers.

The scope of delivery is very broad by including hood, mains adapter, stand and mouse. The set also comprises sensors and buffers.

Technical Data
Measuring areas
pH ranging from  -2,000 up to +20,000 pH with an accuracy of  Â± 0,002 pH
mV from  -2200,0 up to +2200 mV with an accuracy of  ± 0,1 mV
Temperature ranging from –35°C up to 150°C with an accuracy of ± 0,1°C
ISE from 1.0E-40 mg/l up to 9.9E39 mg/l
Conductivity (ProLab 4000) from 0.000 µS/cm up to 2000 mS/cm with an accuracy of ± 0.5 % from measured value
Inlet: DIN or BNCDimensions: 280 x 240 x 70 mmWeight: 2,5 kgProtection class: IP 54 Power supply: 100V ... 240V/50Hz ... 60Hz (wide range power supply)


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