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13.03.2008: Karl Fischer titrations made easy...

With the new TitroLine KF trace the coulometric water determination according to Karl Fischer you cannot go wrong: The large display shows every work step ahead in a dialogue structure. The pre-parameterized methods are easily recalled and enhance the total work process. Also the versatility makes the both KF titrators a trouble-free KF measuring place for nearly all areas in the industry, such as for pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum industry.

The coulometric Karl Fischer titrator TitroLine KF trace is the dedicated instrument for determining even smallest water content in your samples. As the coulometric determination of water does not require a standardisation of a titrant, the handling is easier compared with the volumetric titration: Once the instrument is installed, the reagents are inserted into the titration cell and the instrument is switched-on. The TitroLine KF trace starts to operate immediately. The conditioning is triggered in the background and automatically
determines the drift. Only few minutes later the TitroLine KF trace is ready for the first samples.

Some advantages in short:
- Conveniently with methods
- Live titration process with online curve
- Documentation – exactly the way you require it
- Automatic selection of the correct calculation formula
- Extensive statistical evaluation
- Titration stand and titration vessel:
  Accessories made to match
- Connection of analytical balances, printers, PC KF oven..

View or download the new product brochure:
TitroLine KF trace PRODUCT BROCHURE.pdf

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