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17.04.2009: The new SCHOTT® Instruments IoLine pH Electrodes

For the most demanding measurements
The new SCHOTT® Instruments IoLine electrodes with their iodine/iodide reference system for the most demanding laboratory measurements are characterized by the following advantages when compared with the classical Ag/AgCl reference system:
  • The patented 3-chamber system with iodine reservoir in the reference electrode ensures a further increase in its working life.
  • Quickest response times and the most accurate measurements as well as clearly more stable measured values, above all at changing temperatures or at a temperature that differs from the calibration temperature are a result of the lower temperature dependence of the iodine/iodide reference potential.
  • The double electrolyte system allows the free choice of bridge electrolyte and therefore the optimal adaptation of the electrode to the particular sample.

By using different types and shapes of membrane glass together with different glass shaft lengths and types of electrode connection the optimal electrode for your particular application is always available. ID versions are also available for use with the high-end instruments of the ProLab series.

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