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Portable meters for analog electrodes

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HandyLab MKII
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The new HandyLabs MKII

Our 2nd generation of Handylab devices offers analog or digital options for the measurement of pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity in the lab and in the field.


Alongside to our two one-channel handheld meters HandyLab 100 for pH and HandyLab 200 for Cond, the new generation offers two digital IDS handheld meters HandyLab 600 and 680.

What is the meaning of 'MKII'?
'MKII' (Mark Two) means second generation and refers to being the second generation of the successful HandyLab series.

HandyLab MKII Selection Table

IP67 certified X X X X
Function HandyLab 100   HandyLab 200   HandyLab 600   HandyLab 680
Analog X X    
IDS (Intelligent Digital Sensor)     X X
One channel X X X  
Two channel       X
pH/ORP X   X X
Temperature X X X X
Conductivity   X   X
DO       X
CMC-Function X   X X
1-to5-point calibration with 22 pre-stored buffer sets X   X X
QSC intelligent sensor evaluation     X X
User administration       X
Autoread X X X X
Data memory X X X X
Interface Mini-USB-B     X X
Interface USB-A       X
Info Display X X X X
Backlit B/W graphical display X X X  
Backlit colored graphical display       X
Battery (type AA) X X X  
Rechargeable AA from included power supply X X X  
Watertight housing and keypad (built of one piece of silicone mat)t X X X X