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Our web presence presents you our complete laboratory and process application products: It covers the product areas of electrochemical meters and electrodes, titrators, spectro-photometers, laboratory hotplates and stirrers as well as our extensive range of viscometry products – including capillary glass viscometers and viscosity measurement systems as well as electrodes, armatures and accessories for process applications.

Electrochemical measuring methods and capillary viscometry are two areas of measuring technology which have become increasingly important in fields such as general science, research and production monitoring. We have been involved in these areas right from the very beginning and have repeatedly succeeded in generating innovative meters and electrodes in the form of new products and technology.

Our customers, to whom we would like to express our heartfelt thanks, have made an enormous contribution to our success. Your analytical requirements, thoughts and experience have encouraged us to rise to the challenge again and again. The result of this fruitful dialogue can be seen on this web presence.


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