CT 72/2 (TT)/(M)

Transparent thermostat CT 72/2

This new thermostat is for use with temperatures between +5°C and +150°C.  Between +5°C and +40°C cooling is recommended to maintain the temperature constancy. Either a flow-through cooler (e.g. CK300/310) or simple cooling with circulated water can be used.

Transparent thermostat CT 72/2 TT

These thermostats with a special cooling coil have been specifically designed for use at temperatures well below room temperature. Viscosity measurements can be measured between –40°C and +150 °C. For measurements below +5°C, a cryostat is necessary to reach the low temperatures.

Transparent thermostat CT 72/2 M

Our new thermostat CT 72/2 M has two magnet stirrer positions and has a working temperature between +5 °C and 150 °C. At applications within normal temperature range (+5 °C up to approx. +40 °C) a counter cooling will be necessary for maintaining the temperature stability. This can occur with tab water or by the operation with a flow through cooler (e.g. CK 300/310).