SI Analytics ScienceLine Conductivity Cells

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ScienceLine conductivity measuring cells
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Conductivity determination for varying applications with SI Analytics electrodes

The conductivity value is a composite paramter for the ion concentration of a measuring solution. Its determination is processed for monitoring and control of plants up to examination of ultrapure water in quality control labs. Consequently, there is an extensive range of our conductivity measuring cells:

  • The flow-trhough measuring cell LF213T and LF313T with a cell constant of 0.1 and 0.01 cm-1 are ideal for the control of pure water.
  • The combined 4-pole conductivity cell LF413T is a universal and dirt insensitive sensor with an extremely wide measuring range through the high-quality and abrastion-proof graphite sensor material enabling a long life span of the cell constants.
  • The glass platinum electrode LF713T (4-pole) and LF913T (5-pole) allow the determination of conductivity in organic media.
  • The models LF1100(T)+, LF4100+ and LF5100(T)+ offer the possibility of connecting to diverse instrument types via the SMEK plug head.