ScienceLine Sensors for Ammonia, Sodium, Oxygen and Ion-selective Measurements

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ScienceLine sensors for ammonia, sodium, oxygen and ion-selective measurements
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Determination of ammonia, sodium, D.O. and processing of ion-selective measurements using SI Analytics sensors

The measurement of these parameters is processed for monitoring and control of plants up to examination of samples in quality control labs. Consequently, there is an extensive range of our ISE sonsors:

  • The measuring electrodes Ca 1100 A, Cu 1100 A, F 1100 A and Pb 1100 A for determination of calcium, copper, fluoride and lead are used especially for titration in combination with the ScienceLine reference electrodes.
  • The ISE electrodes belonging the the X 60 family are combination electrodes, mainly used for direct measurements. The according sensors are used for determining fluoride, chloride, nitrate, potassium, cyanide, sulfide, iodide, bromide, copper and lead.
  • For the two oxygen electrodes OX 1100+ and 9009/61 it can be be choosen between a galvanic and amperometric oxygen sensor.
  • For determination of sodium or ammonium concentration the two sensors Na 61 and NH 1100 are offered within this product range.