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pH handbook
pH measurement
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Ref.No./Publication Document Topic Size of File Language/File
095 2015 05PublicationOptimal adapted PL50001 MBEnglish-PDF  
101PublicationSpecial pH measurements require specific properties300 KBEnglish-PDF  
106 2006PublicationIndustrial pH measurement   Temperature influences on measuring uncertainty260 KBEnglish-PDF  
112 2006PublicationReference system on iodine iodide base930 KBEnglish-PDF  
142PublicationInnovative pH electrodes with iodine iodide reference system450 KBEnglish-PDF  
145 2007 LPPublicationBorders of the pH measurement in organic media65 KBEnglish-PDF  
146 2007 10PublicationNew pH measuring probes for laboratory and process applications1 MBEnglish-PDF  
147 2007 08PublicationLaboratory pH meters and electrodes in quality systems41 KBEnglish-PDF  
148 2003 07 American LabPublicationpH electrodes with platinum diaphragms for reliable results59 KBEnglish-PDF  
149 1999 10 AmericanLabPublicationpH electrodes optimized for pH measurement in water1 MBEnglish-PDF  
150 2003 American LaboratoryApplicationpH electrodes with platinum diaphragms for reliable results59 KBEnglish- PDF