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Lab Series

Lab x45 PILOT - Software for our Lab X45 series

Instrument Version Language File
Install Lab PILOT Labx4509 2016MultiZIP  
Update Lab86512 2016 V1 02MultiZIP  
Update Lab870 97009 2017 V2 03MultiZIP  
Update Lab87509 2018 V1 07MultiZIP  

Software Updates for Lab-Series

Instrument Version Language File
LabXXX Install Update LabXXXV2 02MultiZIP  

The above listed software includes the firmware update for the instruments Lab 960, Lab 970, Lab 870, and Lab 860 on V2.02 (Frb 2017).

Download and installation

  • Save the downloaded file (exe-file or zip-file) in a directory of your choice.
  • If applicable, decompress the the Excel file included in the zip-archive and save it in a directory of your choice.
  • Double-click onto the file (Lab.exe)
  • Subsequently follow the instructions of the installation programme.


  • Connect the PC and the laboratory instrument via the serial interface or the USB interfaces (A/B) using the interface cable. 
  • Switch-on PC and laboratory instrument.
  • Start the Update programme via the Windows starter menu.
  • Follow the programme instructions. The programme automatically recognizes the connected instrument and guides you through all further steps. After the last confirmation for the update, the new software and/or programme is loaded onto the instrument. 

Please note:

  • Before you can carry-out the update via the USB-interface, the according VCD (Virtual Com Device)-driver must be installed on the PC. A corresponding CD with instructions is included with the instrument.