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UviLine SI 7000/7100

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UviLine 7000/7100: The new series of spectrophotometers
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The new UviLine SI Spectrophotometer

SI Analytics introduces the new UviLine SI photometer for UV-VIS measurements from 190 – 1100 nm. Find now the new UviLine SI 6100 with reference beam technology for highest precision and requirements!

The UviLine SI Photometer is featured with a wide scope of performance:


· Absorption and transmission measurements

· Set up of methods in concentration mode

· Multi wavelength measurements

· Spectral scan with online graphic

· Kinetics

· GLP compliance due to user login


An illuminated graphic display is used which lead to an increased readability. Using the USB interface the photometer can be connected to a PC to be driven by external computer software (remote function). The USB interface can also be used to increase the storage capacity of the instrument by connecting USB sticks.


The innovative Quick-Lock system enables the user to install required accessory within seconds. Please choose from our wide range of accessory for your special application.