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Why should I even measure the viscosity as a processor of polymers? During processing, polymers are damaged to a higher or lesser extent, depending on the conditions (temperature, shearing forces). This changes the quality of the final product, e.g. the mechanical characteristics such as strength and toughness. The polymer decrease can be determined by assessing the viscosity of polymer solutions, where e.g. the viscosity number or the intrinsic viscosity are used as a measuring number for the final result. The solution viscosity is therefore an important metric for the quality control of plastics.
Can I evaluate the measured results by means of a software program? For the AVS®370 and the AVS®Pro, a software evaluation is possible. For the work with dilution viscosimeters with AVS®370, a special software for the automatic measurement of serial dilutions is available.
Which prerequisites should I arrange in the laboratory for the capillary viscosimetry? "Depending on the planned viscosimetry system, you must ensure sufficient space on a laboratory bench or a similar surface. The device should be protected from dust, as dust particles will impair the measurement in the viscosimeter. A connection to running water close by is only required in case of counter-cooling of the thermostat bath, but recommendable in any case. Compressed air is not required for SI Analytics systems. Depending on the application, a suction/exhaust system is recommendable or even required, if you are working with chemicals that are hazardous to your health (e.g. if you are measuring PET solutions). For manual measurements and cleaning, a vacuum pump (the simplest: water jet pump) should be available for drying. The chemicals needed for the sample preparation, must be disposed of properly following the measuring process. Please contact SI Analytics or our sales partners for concrete questions:"
Can the bath temperature be regulated/controlled by means of software? With the AVS®Pro III, the temperature is regulated via the software, with the AVS®370 (WinVisco) and AVS®470, a temperature regulation is not possible.
Can the AVS measuring systems be connected to the LIMS? The WinVisco software for the AVS®370 and the software for the AVS®Pro III can be connected to LIMS.
Which PC requirements does the WinVisco software have? PC with operating system Win 7 or Win XP as well as an available USB or COM interface
What does suction via N1 mean? N1 is the designation of the top measuring level, therefore corresponds to the top ring marker on viscosimeters for manual measurement.