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Our laboratory is equipped with an LIMS system. Can the results of the titrators by SI Analytics be automatically transmitted to our LIMS system? If you use TitriSoft, the automatic communication with an LIMS system is not a problem. For this, you must simply perform the respective configuration. Without the use of TitriSoft, a data transmission to an LIMS system is currently not possible.
What is the smallest sample volume that I can titrate with SI Analytics devices? The sample volume depends on the electrode, titration tip and stirring. A number of customers works with 5 ml samples. We offer a (temperable) titration vessel you can use for titration starting with 3 ml (TZ 1755).
Can I use this device to only briefly check the ph value? Yes
Which titrations (parameters) can I define and up to which definition limit? This depends on the matrix, the concentration and type of application. Here, statements can only be made for specific applications.
Are direct measurements possible? Also ISE or LF? Yes, the necessary calculations are possible in combination with TitriSoft, also with a sample changer.
Is there a possibility to remove an aliquot part? Not automatically.
Can the curve be printed for the TL easy? Yes, but only in connection with a PC. For the newer models TL 5000 and TL 6000, you can connect a printer directly.
Can a scale be connected directly to the titrator? Yes, starting with the TL 5000
Can the methods be saved to a USB stick? Yes, starting with the TL 5000
Are the devices LIMS-capable? In connection with TitriSoft, the desired data can be made available to an LIMS.