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Are there quick reference guides for the devices? All introductions contain a detailed table of contents and allow for a quick access to the individual subjects based on their structure. Additional quick reference guides are being planned.
Which criteria should be considered when selecting a device? The main criteria are the functions that are necessary for an application (e.g. the number of equivalence points). Then, you must determine the number of different reagents, the automation with the sample changer and more burettes (for example, the TL 5000 or the TL easy 1 EQ or the 1 EP have only one reagent; the TL 6000 has 1 EQ or 2 EPs, more reagents; and the TL 7000/TL 7750 has 2 EQs or 3 EPs, several reagents, additional burettes, sample changers and software support). We will gladly assist you.