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Up to which water content can volumetric KF titrators be used (bottom limit)? The bottom limit depends on the type and volume of the sample. In practice, the volumetry is used for water volumes of > 100 ppm.
Can a KF Coulometer also be used for a water content of up to 100%? This method can also determine 100% water. At 10,000 µg (10 mg) the titration will take a long time. Therefore, the user should not weigh in more than 5,000 µg (= 5 mg) water (one drop of water contains about 35-50 mg of water!).
Application areas for coulometric or volumetric KF titration? Coulometry is used to determine µg volumes of water in gaseous or liquid samples without side effects/reactions. Volumetry is used to determine mg volumes of water in gaseous, liquid or solid samples.
When should a coulometry with a diaphragm be conducted? The usual application takes place with the cell without a diaphragm. For very small water volumes (< 50 ppm), the diaphragm cell can be advantageous depending on the application.