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TW alpha plus

TW alpha plus with TITRONIC® and TitroLine® 7000
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TW alpha plus
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TW alpha plus sample changer

Now that GLP and ISO 900X have been adopted, the number of samples obtained is constantly rising.
The new TW alpha plus from SI Analytics will help you to meet these additional requirements. Our sample changer enables you to titrate in series with automatic sample changing.

  • extremely robust and long-lasting
  • various sample plates from 12 - 24 positions for standard bechers acc. to DIN
  • sample vessels from 50 - 400 ml
  • sample plate for CSB vessels acc. to DIN with 24 positions
  • different titration heads
  • connection for cleaning and suction pump
  • but also cleaning in pre-defined vessels or for conditioning of electrodes.
  • Stirring from below with integrated magnetic stirrer (standard)
  • Stirring from above via pole stirrer