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Portable meters for Memosens® electrodes

The new mobile pH measuring devices by SI Analytics with Memosens® technology offers increased safety and a userfriendly interface

MEMOSENS® - superior engineering

When measuring pH, both the sensor and electrical connection to the measuring device are critical for providing quality process data. TTraditional analogsensors contain high interior resistors that require a high-ohm connection to the measuring device. The presence of moisture on the sensor contacts can cause inaccurate readings and even sensor failure. This risk is eliminated by Memosens technology. The measured value is processed in
the sensor head, digitalized, and then transmitted to the measuring device without metal contacts; there is no interference.

Detailed Information
HandyLab 7series
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HandyLab 7series Selection Table

Help functions       X
Applications HandyLab 700   HandyLab 750   HandyLab 750EX   HandyLab 780
Memosens® pH and ORP (REDOX) X X X X
Memosens® Conductivity       X
Memosens® Oxygen       X
Analog pH and ORP (REDOX) X X X X
Temperature X X X X
EX-Zone 0/1     X  
PC Program HandyLab Pilot   X X X
Micro USB-B   X X X
Data logger (values)   5.000 5.000 10.000
Li-Ionen battery       X
Display LCD segment LCD segment LCD segment QVGA TFT color
Multiple languages       X