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ID Technology

ID electrodes – reliable and precise pH measurements through automatic electrode recognition

  • Each ID sensor is equipped with a transponder, carrying the information of its type and serial number as well as the date and result of the last calibration.
  • The exchange of this data between ID sensor and ID measuring instrument (SI Analytics Lab 870, Lab 970 andcomplete ProLab series) runs fully automatic.
  • The ID sensors tranfer their own individual data onto the ID instrument. This increases the reliability and convenience enormously. An ID instrument can connect a multiple number of ID sensors or one ID sensor can be used on multiple instruments with recognition, without having to calibrate at every exchange.
  • With every new calibration the calibration data on the sensor is updated. For any following meausement the ID instrument will allocate the new data.
  • When ID sensors and ID instruments are used, the calibration and measurement report will also state type and serial number of the electrode, besides stating date, time and measuring value.