Frequently asked questions all around pH measurement

Notes for the successful measuring with pH and Redox electrodes

Essential for a maximized life span of the electrode and therefore reliable measurements is the choice of the application matching electrode.

Especially the diaphragm is of great importance for creating a contact between the reference electrode and the measuring solution. It performs the duty of a gate keeper. Once it is shut, the electrode will have no contact to the solution and consequently the measurement will no longer work. The platinum diaphragm of the SI Analytics electrodes guarantees a consistent electrolyte flow rate in all media and at all temperatures thanks to the defined spaces between the platinum wires. The platinum diaphragm therefore continues to rinse and clean itself, therefore remains free and supports a long life span for a constant and reproducable measuring behaviour.

By following some easy performable notes regarding cleaning and maintenance of the electrode, the life span can be even furhter extended. We have made a summary of the most important points for you, you can download the catalog extract here: