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Even today glass blowing talent is still indispensable.
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SI Analytics laboratory electrodes – application orientated and perfectly matching

The standards for modern pH measurement are very high regarding precision, reproducibility, speed, comfortable handling and reliability. Every measurement is different. Different compositions, temperatures, conductivities and viscosities of samples and different measuring conditions make for a million of different applications. Only application orientated and perfectly matching systems of electrodes, meters and buffer solutions can meet these standards. Our concern at SI Analytics is to supply such systems.

The pH electrode is a very important part of the system as it comes in direct contact with the sample and delivers the measurement signal. For more than 70 years our focus has been set on the electrode and we have dedicated ourselves to the development and manufacturing of glass electrodes. For a remarkable long time our electrodes are being used for the most demanding tasks in labs throughout the world where quality really matters, and our customers benefit from this know-how.

It all started with a patent on pH electrodes – today it is a range of several hundred different sensors. Our electrode programme comprising the three product families BlueLine, ScienceLine and IoLine is as manifold as your applications. Whether for ultrapure water, jam, wine, creme or drinking water, SI Analytics offers the right electrode for every conceivable use.