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ProLab 3000 + 4000

Firmware Update for ProLab 3000 & 4000

Instrument Version Language File
Install Update ProLab 3000 + 4000V1 40.1   02 2018multiEXE  
Instructions for Firmware Update ProLab 3000 and 4000 EnglishPDF  

The above listed software includes the firmware update for the instruments ProLab 3000 and ProLab 4000 on V1-40.1 (Feb 2018).


General information

With the "Update_ProLab3000_4000" program and a PC you can update the firmware of the ProLab 4000 to the newest version. Available firmware updates can be found on the Internet.

Connect the meter to a PC for the update.
For the update via the USB-B interface (USB Device), the following is required:

  • a free USB interface (virtual COM port) on your PC
  • the driver for the USB interface of the PC (installation of the USB driver from the installation CD-ROM)
  • the USB cable
    (Z875, included in the scope of delivery of the ProLab 4000).

For the update via the RS232 interface, the following is required:

  • a free RS232 interface on your PC
  • the RS232 cable, Z390.

Preparing the ProLab 4000 for the update

  • Disconnect the ProLab 4000 from the power supply.
  • Disconnect the interface cable (USB, RS232) from the meter.
  • Reconnect the power supply.
    Wait until Standby appears on the display.
  • Connect the ProLab 4000 to a USB interface (virtual COM port) of the PC with the aid of the USB interface cable.
    Connect the ProLab 4000 to a serial interface (COM port) of the PC with the aid of the Z390 interface cable.

Program installation

  • With the installation program,
    "Install_Update_ProLab3000_4000_V 1-1_English.exe" install the firmware update program on a PC.

Program start

  • Start the "Update_ProLab3000_4000" program from the Windows start menu.
  • If necessary, change the language in the language menu.

Firmware update

  • Start the updating procedure in the firmware update program with (OK)..
  • Following the instructions of the firmware update program.
    During the programming process, a corresponding message and a progress bar is displayed. The programming process takes up to 15 minutes. A terminatory message is displayed after a successful programming process. The firmware updates is completed.
  • Disconnect the ProLab 4000 from the PC.
    The ProLab 4000 is ready for operation.

  • After switching the meter off and on you can check whether the meter has taken over the new software version.


Before you can carry-out the update via the USB-interface, the according VCD (Virtual Com Device)-driver must be installed on the PC. A corresponding CD with instructions is included with the instrument.